Sailor Moon - The Dark Kingdom
Sailor Moon - Jadeite

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Jadeite END cel
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: B-1 END
Standard size

Original Matching Background

Added 8/23/2005
Updated 9/6/2005
April's description: "In episode 13 of Sailor Moon, the first general, Jadeite, met his end at the hands of his own trap and this stunning cel captures the horrifying moment for him as he yells out hopelessly while an airliner bears down on him, moments away from running the helpless man down and putting an end to his final mission. Though he does not technically die from this (Queen Beryl sent him to an eternal sleep after this failure), it definitely puts an end to his evil forever. The terror Jadeite feels in this scene is clearly conveyed in this beautiful close-up of him, making it quite the unique addition to any Sailor Moon or cel collection.
Cel is two layers (at least it appears that way) and comes with drawing and background though it is not match. Cel and background are stuck to one another and sealed within a Teoi studio bag with studio logo sticker. Drawing is of his face, nose, and hair only, no eyes or mouth. Cel registration holes and number are present. Cel number is B11 in the sequence and one of the layers is an END cel, END being clearly written on it. There is the usual line fading typical of old cels such as this. A beautiful find!"

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